Workshop Setup

What a Workshop!

Workshop SetupI recently returned from a unique and memorable workshop with two top-notch artists. Together they created an abundant wonderland of still life arrangements. Imagine Glenda from the Wizard of Oz as an accomplished and thoughtful painter and you begin to get a feel for the lovely Nancy Guzik teamed with Rose Frantzen, a modern day female version of Albert Einstein complete with wild curls. Their sharing of painting brilliance would be hard to match.

This Arts & Crafts Weekend workshop was held at the Lake Conference Center, near Narrowsburg, New York, in a rustic lodge bedecked in Oriental rugs overlooking a lake filled with the big yellow buds of lily pads. Three gourment meals were served daily at which participants in concurrent workshops demonstrated their learning with song, piano, and a play. In all it felt like travel to an amazing different time and place.