Video: Sealing Panels for Oil and Acrylic Painting

Painting Workshop Video #6 Sealing Panels

Before gessoing and painting on hardboard or wood panels, they need to be sealed. Sealing, also called ‘sizing’, prevents the gessoed surface from discoloring caused by naturally-occurring acids in the wood. Sealing panels is really easy to do. This video (3:48 minutes) shows exactly how to seal panels successfully.

In the video, I mentioned two sealing solutions:
Golden Multi-Purpose Acrylic Polymer GAC-100 – 16 oz Cylinder and Gamblin’s PVA: Poly Vinyl Acetate Size: 32 oz

Click here to watch the video!

Once your panels are sealed, the next step is to apply gesso.  Stay tuned! Next in my bi-weekly oil painting technique videos, I’ll be uploading a video about how to gesso panels and canvas. Let me know if you have any questions about the process.

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