The Painter’s Wookbook: The Self-Study Guide for Becoming a Better Painter

The Painter's Workbook by Sarah F. JayneOver five years in the making, The Painter’s Workbook by Sarah F. Jayne (hey, that’s me!) is now alive and kicking. This new hands-on painting book features sequential painting studies that can not help but improve one’s paintings. Using a unique approach based on different palettes that slip under glass, fundamental concepts of painting are explained and explored. Numerous full-color completed samples are included through the workbook to simulate the experience of being in a live workshop. Strategies are emphasized for using these concepts when creating a painting. By applying yourself to these studies, there is no way one can not end up with a deeper understanding of painting.

The workbook is coil bound making it a perfect painting companion. To see a preview of its contents or to purchase, visit: Workbook Preview.

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