Photography Booth Details

photo-booth-pvc-partTo build the photography booth described in an earlier post, I used leftover PVC pipe from my greenhouse. The most efficient way to build it would use:

  • 8 tri-corners as shown here (i.e. 3/4″ pipe)
  • 1 or 2 sticks of PVC pipe that fits in your tri-corner pieces cut to lengths that accommodate the size of your paintings. Easy to cut with regular or hack saw OR hardware store will cut it for you. Pipe length OPTIONAL across bottom front.
  • sheers (very cheap at big box department stores) to drape over to soften light
  • backboard–could be cardboard–I used foam core
  • lights with moveable necks for easy repositioning–I’m using 5500K compact fluorescent bulbs

No need to buy the PVC primer or glue. I dryfit everything so that it’s easy to move OR resize for larger paintings. If possible, set it up on a wide table so that you can move the lights way out on either side (the table my set up on is too small). A tri-pod is essential. Dark passages are still tricky. To up my odds of getting a good photo, I rotate the painting 90 – 180 degrees taking a photo at each position and tilt the painting in various positions to eliminate glare. Interestingly, zooming out and snapping a photo (resulting in less of the painting occupying the picture plane) has been the best bet for some stubborn paintings. Be sure to eliminate light from other sources. Behind me I hang a curtain on a garment rack to block light from windows. I mainly use this setup for smaller paintings to post on the internet and simply use a Canon Coolpix camera.