Personality of a Painting

Like people, paintings seem to have their own personalities. Sometimes a successful painting produces a scrappy photograph; conversely, a scrappy painting might look stunning in a photograph. When I post paintings on my website I am always tempted to rate the paintings on a scale from “this looks much better in real life” to “this painting doesn’t really look this good!” I don’t rate them, this being subjective and all. Of course, paintings that fall toward the right end of this continuum often never make it to the website in the first place.

My urge to add one more piece of information about a painting doesn’t stop with their photographs. When hung on the wall, I want to add to the painting’s label “View from 18 inches” or “View at 7 feet” and put a piece of masking tape on the floor “Stand Here”. Paintings have ideal positions to show their full power. Like people.

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