Finally–An Extra-Tall Lightweight Easel!

photo-tall-aluminum-easel - CopyI must confess to preferring lightweight aluminum easels over heavier wood ones for my plein air work and travel. Admittedly they break fairly quickly as the pile of easel body parts in my studio would attest to. Still I find their ease of use and portability worth the periodic need for replacement. Much to my delight, I just discovered one such easel that comes in sizes! This gives the option to get an “X-Large” 80-inch tall easel (compare this easel to the height of the front door!) that easily allows taller people to stand tall while painting. Look how tall this easel is compared to the height of the front door!Here’s the exact one I ordered: US Art Supply® Big Sur Aluminum Tripod Field & Display Easel (X-Large) 80 Inches Tall (1-EASEL)

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