Student Comments About Sarah F. Jayne’s Classes and Workshops

You are a very perceptive person! You exactly "nailed" my dilemma the other night. . . You are truly a kind person. You are a gifted teacher, thoughtful, perceptive, and sincere. How lucky for me to have the  opportunity to learn from you. . . I look forward to our classes and even though my creative "juices" slow   in the evening, I absorb much from your energy. -Sandy S.

It is a skill that you have, the ability to verbalize in a constructive way comments, instructions, suggestions.... Plus, you have academic knowledge of your subject matter, facts that underpin your intuitive sense of what works or doesn't in a painting. It was very helpful to me to show you my work during the interim stages and get your feedback. –Sally J.

I've just spent the last 45 minutes viewing your wonderful paintings. I also stopped by Borders the other evening and studied each of the ones there. I sure feel so incredibly blessed that you are teaching our class and I am hoping that you plan to continue for a very long time. –Martha B.

I have been studying still life and landscape painting (especially love plein air) for a year and a half. I absolutely love your paintings and would be thrilled to think that in 10 years I might be able to paint the way you do. –Carol W.

A Paint Filled Palette


Thank you for thinking about me.  You are so right Sarah, " mistakes", can make or break. Thank you so much for your wonderful  teaching. I am learning so much and feel so fortunate to have met you. –Nuala C.

I just wanted to tell you that I have enjoyed attending your classes and I have appreciated very much your guidance.  As long as I am in the area, and as long as your teaching schedule allows me to attend your classes, you can expect to find me with my brush ready to work. Incidentally, I stopped by Borders today and I saw your paintings.  My husband and I loved them, they are beautiful. -Ana F.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I had such a wonderful day.  The weather really smiled on us and it could not have been nicer.  I am so happy tonight I have to tell you.  I thank you for all your good tips and direction, it worked for me. -Ingrid V.

Thanks again for a great class. Looking forward to tomorrow’s class! -Russ D.

Some times it takes a while to get through to me but every thing you teach makes perfect sense. Thank  you for your patience, kindness and encouragement. –Laurie B.

Guess what? My painting of the flowers in the vase was taken to the Botanical Gardens for a display! So I can't give it to my mom right now, thank you for the advice on the gel medium! -Kristie K.

You make me feel so good about myself - thank you Sarah!!!! It's very easy for one to enjoy painting and to find confidence when one is being taught/mentored by someone uniquely talented, giving, and wonderful as you are Sarah. My only "fear" about oil painting is that "you" may one day want to stop teaching and that's a scary thought for me. In you, I have found everything that I have been looking for and need in a teacher to bring out whatever hidden talents I may possess. Some day, I hope to be at least half as talented as you are–because in my eyes, just having half of your talent would indeed make me a grand artist! -Elaine B.