Recommended Books About Drawing

To make it easy for you to read excerpts from these books, I’ve set this page up with affiliate links to Amazon which provides a small commission for purchases made. One-hundred percent (100%) of any commissions from purchases you make after clicking these links will go toward the propagation and distribution of native plants for habitat restoration. Except for one, all of these are books that I own and love!

This is an outstanding book for traditional drawing. Includes a DVD. Destined to be a classic.

A great book especially for beginners who want to draw more realistic drawings.

This first book by Juliette Aristides focuses on the foundations of classical drawing.

Although I don't have this book, it looks ideal for learning perspective. Many books about perspective get complex fast!

An updated classic featuring exercises that result in successful drawings by people with no artistic experience or perceived talent.

A college textbook with a quality selection of reproductions of drawings. There are newer editions but they are 10x more expensive!

An older book containing useful exercises as well as a nice selection of drawings.

If you aspire toward developing abstract or non-representational drawings, this is a great choice!