A Tribute to Great Artists: CCAA Juried Show

Magnolia on Table - Oil Painting by Sarah F. Jayne‘A Tribute to Great Artists’ is the interesting concept behind the current art show (Nov. 6 – Dec. 4, 2014) at the Chester County Art Association (CCAA).  I valued this opportunity to pay homage to one of many artists who has helped me develop my own vision as a painter. Because the Pennsylvania still life tradition has always attracted me and influenced my style, for this show I chose to pay tribute to Martin Johnson Heade. Perhaps Heade is best known for his lovely paintings featuring orchids growing in the wild; however, he also painted southern magnolias resting on a table. It is these paintings in particular to which my show entries relate. 

What most comes to mind regarding the process of these two paintings is the sight I observed as I gathered the magnolias in early June. In the bowl formed by each gigantic magnolia petal was a mardi gras of tiny bees and wasps rolling and buzzing around in a golden powdery fluff of pollen and flower parts. I would love to ask Heade if he too witnessed this amazing sunny celebration in the petal bowls of the magnolias. He must have!

Magnolia, Books and Letters - Oil Painting - Sarah F. JayneThe theme of the CCAA show reminds me of the invaluable legacy of past masters and great artists of present day. Their work inspires and challenges us, it answers our questions and poses new ones for us to puzzle over. Perhaps our greatest tribute to these masters is to strive to be the best artists we possibly can be, keeping their legacy alive as we forge our way.

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